Five things your website will tell your customers about your business.


Most people don’t realize this, but your website is going to be a key selling tool for your business. For a good proportion of your customers, this will be the only real interaction that they have with your company. You want your website to tell your customers everything about your company. On this page, I want to run you through five things that your website will tell your customers about your company.


The quality of your website will demonstrate how much you care about your company. If your website looks generic, home-made, or has not been updated for a while then this gives the impression that no investment has been put into it and that’s the impression they can have of your business. If they move on to a more professional-looking site, they won’t come back.


People want to know you have the right experience to be able to respond to what they need.
Your website should showcase the amount of experience that your company has and express it well in words and images. The impression they get on the page – sometimes within the first 30 seconds will form an impression of whether you are the right business to work with.

Products & Services

Get to the point – there are plenty of companies that take a long time to show what they have to offer and don’t clearly explain what they do, how, and why you should choose them. You want people to know everything about your company the second they land on your site, if not, you’ve lost their attention.


The layout and design of your website, (although often subjectively) gives the first impression of your business and says a lot about how you see yourself as a business. Often, it’s about finding the right balance between strictly business and a personal touch. If the look and style of your website are too corporate then this may put people off want personal service, but a design that is too casual can be uninviting to the serious business customer.


Consistency is the key. From the moment someone lands on the site, the colours, fonts, logos, and images form an impression and can either help or hinder your business. You don’t want a website packed to the brim with colours if you are looking to give the impression of a professional business. Unless you sell paint.

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