Your business growth is our core philosophy

We want to build you a top-class website, help you connect with your target market and contribute to your business success.

About Pixel Executive

Based in Manchester, we help our clients grow their business locally and internationally. Every client we take on gets a highly individualised and personalised experience.

Our team covers a wide range of skills, from developers, graphic designers, and digital marketers to SEO and Google PPC specialists. We are supported by a network of trusted specialists such as copywriters, translators and data compliance specialists .

This may sound corny, but we really do care about our customers, our work,  our reputation and making a difference.

We work on projects with the following key objectives in mind

Pragmatic design

Our designs are modern and clean, no fancy gimmicks,  with an emphasis on easy to navigate user experience.

We work on the principle of “Less Is More”. So we encourage our clients to provide just the right amount of information on the page so as to make it easy for users to understand your offering.

We work with matching colour palettes that are easy on the eye and web friendly fonts. We take pride in crafting websites that work for you.

Client Generating

Many web designers will offer you flashy designs or complex-sounding SEO jargon, but none of this matters if it doesn’t lead to sales.

We work with clients not to just build impressive sites, but to convert visitors into paying customers.

We take the time to understand your goals so we can build a website that generates business and builds client relationships.

Optimised and Easily Found

Having a beautiful website that is designed to convert customers is pointless if no one ever finds their way to your site in the first place.

We design all of our websites to load fast and be optimised so they are easily found by Google and the search engines. 

Through a combination of clean, pragmatic design, and rich content, we optimise your site and online presence so that you are accessible to your target business demographic.

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Digital Marketing
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What People Say

Stirling undertook a comprehensive review of my existing website and showed great understanding of what we were trying to achieve. He demonstrated initiative, insight and direction, delivered quicker than expected and sourced a more comprehensive and competitive web hosting package. I recommend Stirling to anyone in need of a proactive, value adding website design service.
David Cohen
DCA Corporate
Pixel Executive has just built my new websites, and I couldn't be happier with what they has delivered. From our very first meeting, they have been extremely dynamic and had a great vision. They took my fairly vague ideas of what I wanted and turned them into a really clean, polished and comprehensive website. Better still, they completed it ahead of schedule! They come highly recommended!
Elk Burland
Elk Burland
Purple Elk Productions
When I was considering options for business growth, Stirling helped me see things clearly and his experience shone through. He offered new insights, guidance and support. Now my business is flourishing and in no small part due to the help and insight Stirling gave me.
Hugh Lawrence
UK Percussion Concepts Ltd
We are a development company building luxury property developments. Stirling is is helping us very successfully manage our entire online and offline sales strategy. In addition, he has rebuilt our website, which is now much faster and well managed.
Trevor Morgan
Tamba Villas Shakticola
I required a few nudges to update online profiling and my website. Fortunately I engaged the services of Stirling, who not only installed my new site very efficiently but gave terrific advice both in terms of design and content. Stirling doesn't just create a site, he takes time to understand your business. I could not be happier with the results.
Clive Pacey
CPCM Finance
Despite our initial endeavours, we felt the need to make a number of alterations and amendments. The new website is crisp, modern and straightforward and we are delighted with the results. Communication was excellent and Stirling and the Pixel team were very accommodating and worked through everything to leave us with the result we wanted.
Edward Dry
Edward Dry
GC Capital