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A digital agency that helps you grow your business

Does your website work for you? Does your digital marketing get results?
Let's talk first about your business goals, then about a great website and efficient online marketing.

Pixel Executive combines web design with helping you to grow your business. Whether it’s for a simple brochure website, a multilingual e-commerce site, digital marketing, or training you to on social media, we work with you to help make your online presence relevant and get your site working for you as a brand & business development tool.

Web Design

Impressive, well-built web sites that are engaging and relevant to your business, designed to work on all devices, and built at competitive rates.
Bespoke designs with a unique look and feel, starter sites using pre-designed and customised templates, refreshes of existing websites.
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Digital Marketing

Making sure your business can be found online through search engine optimisation, PPC, content marketing, social media and training.
We help you to identify how to best promote your business to the relevant online channels and make sure you use your budget wisely.
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Multilingual Websites

A multiple language website will enable you to expand into new international markets and reach new target audiences quickly and effectively.
Each language you add to your website has the potential to significantly increase your client base and conversions.
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Support & Maintenance

Keeping your website running smoothly, monitoring security and performance, regular updates and backups and fixing any issues.
Whether or not you have a contract with us, if there is something wrong or not working on your site, we're happy to help.
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Websites are the to business development.

Many web designers try to impress clients with elaborate design elements, rather than pragmatic presentation. Many an SEO or PPC expert will spend your budget on driving traffic or gaining likes, but the only thing that really counts is that it leads to your business making a sale.

Really, it boils down to 3 things: looking good, being easy to use and understand.

What sets us apart from most digital agencies is that we have prior, hands-on experience in starting, developing and running our own bricks and mortar businesses. So we think about websites and digital marketing through the lens of your company’s objectives and potential clients. We then design and position your website accordingly as a business growth tool and help you find the most appropriate online routes to market.

Based in Manchester, we work with clients both in the UK and internationally. 

Some of our latest work