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Helping you manage the process of translations for design and designs for translation

Translating for web design and web designing for translation

An accurately translated website is crucial to be able to deliver your message with the appropriate cultural understanding and sensitivity and the skills required are very different for business specific translations. You need an understanding of your target business language and cultural norms and native knowledge to make sure that your message appeals to the territories your brand is developing.

Some web browsers  and plugins offer to automatically translate web pages for users, these machine translations are rarely accurate, never contextual and can actually serve to put users off as this demonstrates a lack of professional detail and investment.

Multilingual websites need to be planned, designed and formatted for different language characteristics, and in the same way, translations need to be be compatible with the website’s design and formatting so as to ensure that each version will be consistent and look as good in the target language as it does in its translated form. Here’s a basic example of how the same sentence in 4 languages translates into different lengths and affects the formatting:

Multilingual Websites

Keeping WordPress up to date with the latest version, and adding new features when available.

Mehrsprachige Websites

Halten Sie WordPress mit der neuesten Version auf dem neuesten Stand und fügen Sie neue Funktionen hinzu, wenn verfügbar.

مواقع متعددة اللغات

الحفاظ على WordPress محدثًا بأحدث إصدار وإضافة ميزات جديدة عند توفرها.


使 WordPress 保持最新版本,并在可用时添加新功能。

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We can provide and project manage experienced, professional translators as part of our service.

Multilingual SEO/PPC

SEO specialists will optimise your site in the chosen languages using multilingual keywords and local market analysis.

Cross-Cultural Advice

We can provide strategic advice and expertise on the best methods for developing new international markets.