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Why should I choose Pixel Executive?

Your site will be custom built

Have you ever been to a party where 4 people are wearing the same colour shirt? We don't sell cheap generic template sites like many other agencies. Your business deserves to have a unique online look & feel, plus you can expect a better return on investment with a custom-designed quality website.

You will pay a fair price

We’re not the cheapest but by no means the most expensive. There are many companies offering cheap and quick websites – but in this business, you get what you pay for.  With us, that means reliability, value for money, and honesty.

You will get a focused end-product

We emphasise simplicity. Some designers love to build complicated sites with lots of fancy widgets. Not us. We choose the simplest and smartest way of presenting your company, servies and products. If there's too much copy, we will tell you. Simple sites load faster and communicate better.

You will receive excellent customer service

We are friendly and reachable. We go that extra distance to help you. You can pick up the phone and talk to us.  Plus we love what we do, and that feeds through to the customer experience.


Have a Question? Here are a few answers, but our door’s always open for a chat if you have any others.

Many agencies offer very cheap website builds, unlimited pages, no contracts-the list to seduce you can be very long. They sell it that cheap by providing substandard, mass-produced generic templates, with minimal thought process in terms of the design process.

Like any cheap product, you get what you pay for. You can buy a bargain basement mattress, but like a website, the investment in quality makes all the difference.

Pay-per-month websites offer flexibility on payments instead of paying upfront, so there is no capital outlay. The site is hosted on our servers and we manage everything, in terms of maintenance, updates, backups, SEO optimisation, administrative access and so on.

The pay-at-once model is best if you want to own the site outright and have it hosted on external servers, with third-party input for SEO optimisation, social media integration and so on.

Yes. We put a lot of time and work in upfront to discuss, plan, design and build a site tailored to your business. Therefore we ask for a non- refundable deposit equal to the first 3 months, with the first monthly payment in month 4.


Pay monthly plans are for a minimum of 12 months, and if you stay for 2 years and renew, we offer you a free redesign/refresh of the site!

We put a lot of initial design and build work in at the start, so our minimum is 12 months. However after the initial contract period, if you want to take your website elsewhere (we hope not!) then we can offer a buyout option.

After the initial 12 months contract, you will then be placed automatically onto a 1-month rolling contract.

Does your organisation have customers in different countries or do you want to expand internationally?

A translated website can introduce your company to new customers from markets you did not even know you could access and adds credibility by showing that you are a truly international business..

We are experts in building multi-language websites for small businesses, at a very affordable cost.

No problem! We can create the new site using your existing domain name. We will connect your domain to your new website once it’s ready to go live and work with your current hosting providers to make it a smooth experience for you.

All our websites are built with WordPress, the platform used for 40% of all websites. The advantage of WordPress over proprietary systems such as Shopify or Wix is that if you build a site with them and decide to move, you lose all the hard work and time spent.

We’re happy to help out and discuss this with you, we look at what information you want to convey to your customers and structure it into pages and sections. This will then lead to a natural list of all the pages that should be required within your website.

Absolutely! With online conference tools such as Zoom and Teams, we can take briefs, discuss, screen share and more, and it makes working with businesses anywhere in the world very easy.


The pay-at-once model is best if you want to own the site outright and have it hosted on external servers, with third-party input of SEO optimisation, social media integration and so on.

Usually that is you. You are the expert on your business, so it’s usually best if it comes from you. If you need help, we can recommend copywriters who can help polish or write original content for you at an additional cost.

Your content is a crucial part of your site, so having it ready before development helps our team better design and optimise your site around the content. 

Content is often the biggest bottleneck, so we like to be proactive in getting a majority of the content in place before we begin the process.

We will set up 10 initial products, and we are happy to assist in setting helping you learn how different variants, photos, information, and reviews can be tied to each product. If you want us to set up all your products or migrate a large number then we will quote you separately.

Not usually. We only support websites that we have fully built. We have this policy so that we can 100% stand behind everything that we craft. There are issues of liability of multiple programmers touching the same code over time.

But if you need a fix, or just advice, give us a call.

Yes. We will help you source stock photos from sites such as Pexels and Shutterstock. We can also recommend photographers and videographers  to produce custom images and videos for your website.

Basic SEO covers installing and configuring the features needed to get your site listed with Google. Advanced SEO involves a optimising the content in much more detail on the main site and blog pages to increase the quality score with Google. We offer separate Digital Marketing and SEO packages based on your specific needs.

The basic e-commerce works well for smaller shops and businesses just starting out. We will upload up to 10 products, with standard e-commerce functionality, link to your payment gateway and show you how to list more products. 

The advanced e-commerce functionality is where you want to add up to 500 or more products, with additional features such as special product promotional discounting options, filters, variations, cart abandonment, shipping integration and invoice customisation and so on. For advanced functionality, we will prepare a custom quote specific to your requirements.

We can also provide training on Woocommerce and provide documentation to help you learn how to manage your shop. We can even manage the shop for you!

yes, you please get in touch for more details.

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