What’s the use of measuring speed if you don’t go in the right direction?

International Business Growth

Gaining incremental sources of revenue in new, international markets, and knowing how to successfully sell to different business cultures can be a daunting task. The key lies in defining a structured approach and knowing where and how best to start.

Prior to starting Pixel Executive, Stirling Austin gained extensive hands-on experience building bricks and mortar businesses in Europe. As an integrated approach to planning your multilingual website strategy, his first-hand knowledge of the issues and key success factors related to international growth will add significant value to the process.

Book an international business growth consultation

Stirling offers a free session to discuss objectives and key initiatives for developing your business internationally. 

This can then be followed up with a series of strategy, planning and implementation sessions to help you achieve your goals.

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Key Focus Areas

Analysis of the opportunities in foreign markets
Develop an optimal plan that ensures market compliance
Competitive analysis, and defining routes to market
Identifying obstacles to growth and competitive advantages
Identifying strategic partnerships and acquisitions
Defining an implementation plan and financials

Business Experience

Over 25 years’ experience of successfully building businesses in the UK, France and across Europe. Bilingual French/English, Stirling has managed, bought, sold, acquired, merged, restructured and turned around businesses in the UK, France, and Europe and Germany, started and developed four companies and two business units from scratch and completed a number of successful assignments as an Interim Manager.

  • Computer supplies distribution
    • developed a UK/European  distributor network from £300k to £3M
    • created, developed and ran the French subsidiary of a UK Plc
      • organic growth to 18€M with 60 staff
      • acquisition and merging of two competitors to a combined turnover of €M76 and 120 staff
  • Recruitment
    • built and sold a Paris based Anglo/Franco Interim Management/Executive Search firm (2M€ fees)
    • developed a niche recruitment business specialising in Multilingual Executives
    • interim management and consulting projects:
      • asset-based finance
      • online image library project for a major media group
      • online trading exchange for IT products and services
      • distributor of technical development & business software tools
  • Entertainment
    • Founded and managed a professional function band business performing at high-end corporate and private events
  • Digital Services
    • Created Pixel Executive, specialising in brochure, E-Commerce, multilingual websites and business development

Stirling Austin

I help your business to become visible in foreign markets, both online and offline.