Grow your business in Europe

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Now is always the time to expand into new markets

Seizing the Opportunity

Gaining incremental sources of revenue in new, international markets, and knowing how to successfully sell to different business cultures can be a daunting task. 

Prior to founding Pixel Executive, I worked for many years building manufacturing, distribution, and service businesses in the UK, France, and across Europe, and spent 15 years living and working in France.

Through my own experience of developing business in new markets, I can help your company define its international strategy, build partnerships and sales channels, and more. 

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Different Business Cultures

The key lies in defining a structured approach and knowing where and how best to start. I work with you and your team to define and implement the best initiatives that will grow your brand presence and revenue. 

I will ask the right questions that you need to answer to gain clarity and how best to approach new markets, taking into account the different aspects of business culture and norms that need to be considered when positioning your business and products internationally. 

I can fast-track your thought process and kickstart your international expansion efforts, both online and offline.

Book a consultation

There will be key markets that you will want to focus on, and this is where we will get started, in terms of specifics and measurables for your product or services.

I offer a free initial session to discuss objectives and key initiatives for developing your business internationally. 

This can then be followed up by more detailed strategy and planning sessions and potentially working with your business to help you implement your defined objectives.

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Key Focus Areas

Analysis of the opportunities in foreign markets
Competitive analysis, and defining routes to market
Defining an implementation plan and financials
Identifying obstacles to growth and competitive advantages
Develop an optimal plan that ensures market compliance
Identifying strategic partnerships and acquisitions