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The nature of work is changing in an increasingly globalised and digitised world. Traditions such as the 9-5 office role or punch-in punch-out shift-work, while not exactly disappearing, are making way for the phenomenon known as remote working.

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Fractional Executives

Interim, acting, project, contract, fractional. The difference between titles can be confusing, but they all point to a specialised type of temporary executive that companies call on when they are going through transformation, or for a project.

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Make sure your site is well referenced

When choosing a new web host, don’t choose a host based on price and certainly not on recommendations of the « top 10 web hosting » sites. What they actually do is list the hosts that pay them the most commissions.

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The 10 most useful business languages

The job market is more competitive and globalized than ever before, and successful candidates must be able to cross cultural and linguistic borders. Not only does knowing a second language provide many different cognitive benefits, it also can help give your business the competitive edge.

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