Expanding online into Europe with localized websites and multilingual marketing

Helping companies expand into Europe with localized websites and multilingual marketing

The first step for developing your business in Europe is to create an online presence in your target market languages

Seizing the Opportunity

Based on a survey of more than 3,000 global consumers in 10 non-Anglophone countries, 75% prefer to buy products in their native language (CSA Research).

Europe consists of over 50 countries, with different languages, and ways of doing business. There will be key markets that you will want to focus on, and this is where we we help you get started.

Gaining incremental sources of revenue in Europe, and knowing how to successfully sell to different business cultures can be a daunting task. The key lies in defining a structured approach and knowing where and how best to start.

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Different Business Cultures

We work with you to define and implement the best digital initiatives for developing a localized online presence tailored for the European markets, to develop your brand internationally and increase revenue. 

Localization (or localisation) is the term used for adapting a site to suit the needs and preferences of users in a specific geographic region, language and business culture.

Our team has first-hand operational experience of how to put in place the building blocks necessary for companies to succeed in expanding into the key European markets, as well as the different issues that need to be taken into account when re-positioning your online presence internationally. 

Optimizing your results

Your multilingual website is one of the most cost-effective ways of building your brand in foreign markets. However, European websites have a very different look and feel to North American websites and we ensure that any global design caters to the specifics of different languages and cultural sensitivities.

We get you noticed locally, by properly referencing your site in multiple languages to get noticed by search engines and help your business rank internationally.

We help you with country-specific content for each site language and region, and project manage all aspects such as translations and graphic design.

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We offer a free audit to take your website multilingual.

UK Trade with Europe


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total UK-EU trade volume since the implementation of the UK’s Trade & Cooperation Agreement (TCA) with the EU


Export Wins supported by the UK’s Department for International Trade for 1700 companies

8 out of 10

UK’s top export markets located in Europe

Our Expertise

Prior to founding Pixel Executive, Stirling Austin worked for many years building manufacturing, distribution, and service businesses in the UK and across Europe.

Bilingual French/English Stirling has managed, bought, sold, acquired, merged, restructured, and developed businesses in the UK, France, and across  Europe, and completed a number of successful assignments as an Interim Manager.

He understands what it takes to open up new European markets and will help your business to build an international online presence. 

Stirling Austin

Book a free session with Stirling to discuss your objectives.

We offer a full range of online multilingual solutions to help you expand in Europe.


We can provide and project manage experienced, professional translators as part of our service.

Multilingual SEO

SEO specialists will optimise your site in the chosen languages using multilingual keywords and local market analysis.

Cross-Cultural Advice

We can provide strategic advice and expertise on the best methods for developing new international markets.

Each language you add to your website has the potential to significantly increase your client base and conversions.

For example, English is used to trade in over 20 different markets, including the four Anglophone countries, UK, USA, Canada and Ireland. German is used for exporting to 15 markets (including Germany and Austria), Russian is used to trade in the Baltic States, Poland and Bulgaria, Spanish is used to export to Portugal and French is used in 8 markets including Belgium and Luxembourg.

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