We’re still a long way from the star trek universal translator

The technological revolution continues at pace, bringing us everything from kettles that can be controlled by our phone, watches that can pay grocery bills and cars that drive themselves. From a language perspective, we now have machine translation and interpreting systems such as Google Translate (enabling anyone with Google Chrome to decipher whole pages of […]

Hiring a web design agency

Hiring a web agency to design a website for you can be a daunting task. There are many things to compare and contrast between agencies before making a final decision. You assess hiring one over the other and try to predict how things will go with each.

Make sure your site is well referenced

When choosing a new web host, don’t choose a host based on price and certainly not on recommendations of the “top 10 web hosting” sites. What they actually do is list the hosts that pay them the most commissions.

How to secure your WordPress site

The security of your WordPress site is one of the most important elements to manage when you put your website online. Here is a list of good practices to avoid piracy as much as possible.

Choosing your WordPress web design agency

When it comes to choosing a web design agency, it can often be a daunting task as the industry unfortunately has a bad name for being late, poor communication, websites that don’t work and the list goes on.


International mergers can yield some great benefits. They offer an easier and cheaper way in to access a new market and labour force as well as offering firms the chance to diversify their portfolio. But they don’t always succeed.

Fractional Executives

Interim, acting, project, contract, fractional. The difference between titles can be confusing, but they all point to a specialised type of temporary executive that companies call on when they are going through transformation, or for a project.


The nature of work is changing in an increasingly globalised and digitised world. Traditions such as the 9-5 office role or punch-in punch-out shift-work, while not exactly disappearing, are making way for the phenomenon known as remote working.